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New RANGE ROVER EVOQUE R‑DYNAMIC 2020 Review Interior Exterior

New RANGE ROVER EVOQUE R‑DYNAMIC 2020 Review Interior Exterior.

The new Range Rover Evoque carries our minimalist design philosophy
and represents a completely new evolution. With its unmistakable,
characteristic rising silhouette reminiscent of a coupe and its
The Range Rover Evoque's unique personality is a worthy successor
of the vehicle that has taken hearts by storm worldwide. To the unique
Design highlights include the retractable door handles, optional 21 “rims1 and
Matrix LED headlights with daytime running lights and animated flashing lights2 through which
the vehicle looks even more elegant and modern.
For more information, see page 8.
The new Range Rover Evoque impresses with its sophisticated, refined
Technologies. The optional Adaptive Dynamics3 (adaptive chassis)
with configurable dynamic mode1 ensures a reliable and
safe handling. A series of powerful drive systems and a 9-speed automatic transmission efficiently implement the power, regardless of the surface
and the weather conditions. The balanced mix of effortless
Off-road mobility and driving comfort on the road are part of the driving experience
the Range Rover Evoque a real pleasure.
For more information, see pages 12 and 20.
The precise handling ensures that you are confident and safe at all times
on the way. On and off the road - in all conditions.
The first-class slope angle and the unique wading depth, the terrain
Response 2 automatic4, the optional ClearSight bonnet5 and the raised
The driver's seating position makes the Range Rover Evoque the ideal companion
in terrain. The Evoque's All Wheel Drive (AWD) brings together
with the improved Active Driveline6 function to help improve traction and
Optimize off-road capability. For more information, see page 14.
The minimalist design continues in the spacious, luxurious interior
continued. The interior appears through the even surfaces, the clear lines
and the carefully selected, high quality materials aesthetically and
attractive. The improved interior is ergonomically optimal,
to ensure even more comfort and better usability.
The optional Touch Pro Duo with two 10 "touchscreens4 and the capacitive ones
Control elements contribute to this design. The Range Rover Evoque is included
equipped with numerous innovative technologies, for example Smart Settings7
- This function remembers your personal vehicle settings and moves
Your Range Rover Evoque automatically changes to the state in which you left it
to have. Another feature is the air ionization
in the interior to improve air quality and eliminate allergens.
For more information, see page 11.
In the new Range Rover Evoque you will find our most intuitive and
most innovative technologies again. Optional functions such as the touch
Per duo with two 10 "touchscreens4, a 12.3" TFT instrument display, the
Head-up display, the MeridianTM surround sound system, the click-and-go multimedia system in the rear and the smartphone package ensure that
You enjoy your Evoque even more. The optional interior rearview mirror
with ClearSight Smart View8 offers you a clear view to the rear, even if
Your field of vision is restricted by objects. And that's just one thing
of numerous driver assistance systems that make every journey a safe and secure one
make relaxing pleasure.

The Range Rover Evoque sets new design standards - a vehicle with a high
Recognition. Its exceptional proportions lend the Range Rover
Evoque a striking silhouette and underline its striking, distinctive
Appearance. Emphasize the characteristic roof line and the rising belt line
together with the striking shoulder section and the profiled wheel arches its strong,
dynamic appearance.
The simple lines, homogeneous surfaces and the high degree of precision give
the modern design its timeless elegance. Accented details on the front and rear with
slimmer signature LED headlights with daytime running lights emphasize the sporty, progressive
Appearance. The new Range Rover Evoque: striking, convincing and appealing -
a new definition of the compact premium SUV.

A variety of Ingenium engines are available for the Range Rover Evoque. Every one of them became special
optimized to meet the widest possible range of requirements. So whether you are high performance and
interested in pure driving pleasure or economical consumption and efficiency - we certainly have the right engine
for her. All engines are equipped with stop / start technology and an intelligent regenerative charging system,
that uses the kinetic energy released when braking to charge the battery.
Sometimes the Range Rover Evoque has to prove its full potential. Like today. A thick blanket
Snow has almost brought the city to a standstill. On the icy road, you can activate All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) *.
This makes it easy to get to your favorite breakfast place. The trip is worth it just because of the coffee.







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